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Harriet Brabham: The Impossible Made Possible

CBN.comMay of 2003 was when it all began.

Harriet Brabham got out of bed that morning and realized she couldn’t stand. She stumbled across the room and into a door.

Harriet says, “We think it was vertigo. It could have been a vestibular problem too because that’s connected with your eyes -- [for] which I had to wear three pairs of glasses. If I would be wearing the wrong pair of glasses, I couldn’t maneuver. I would have to get the right pair of glasses on so I could read or use my computer.”

At first, Harriet found it difficult to understand what was happening. Doctors put her into a walker so she didn’t fall and injure herself seriously.

“It was miserable,” she says. “It wasn’t the life I was used to living.”

Harriet watched The 700 Club every day, and when it came time for prayer on the show, she hoped the hosts would call out her name.

Much to her delight, she heard Gordon Robertson pray, “There’s someone with a very unusual condition where it’s a misfiring in the nerve impulses that lead from your brain. God has just done a wonderful miracle of restoration for you.”

Harriet says, “I jumped up out of my chair, and I shouted, ‘That’s me Lord. That’s me!’ I stood up in front of the television set, and I spun in circles. I bent over and did all the things I never could do.”

She felt no dizziness, and afterwards, she was even able to ride in a car.

“God gave back my freedom that had been robbed by the enemy because there were so many things I wanted to do,” she says. “What I experienced was a miracle.

“I had been to doctors; I had been to therapists. I don’t know how you explain it really. What man thinks is impossible is possible with God. I believe in miracles.”

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