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Tommy Tenney

Founder of GodChasers Network, Pineville—which aims to bring believers into the Presence of Christ

Former pastor for 10 years

Has traveled to 40+ nations & spent 20+ years in ministry


Tommy Tenney: Still Chasing God After the Storm

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CBN.comBased in central Louisiana, Tommy Tenney and his ministry were spared from the devastation from Hurricane Katrina and took in many evacuees. But they had no idea that Katrina’s sister Rita would visit soon after—what Tommy calls the “one—two punch.” Though they did not experience the brunt of the storm, his friends down south were not so lucky.

“It is interesting to see a giant oak split a house in two a few blocks from me,” he says. “The descent into humility is swift without clean water and food.”

Tenney decided to set out and make a difference—to provide much needed assistance not just to the general community, but especially to the pastors, enabling them to minister to their own communities and share the gospel of Jesus with those in need.

Tommy created his Adopt-a-Pastor program for that exact reason.

“Our first goal is to help the Pastor of the church,” he says. “In most cases the Pastor has lost everything. We want to help them with the most basic of needs, such as clothing, food, medical supplies, prescriptions and many other things. If we can get the Pastor taken care of, they can then work with us to get their community taken care of.”

Tenney is asking for volunteers to drive down and help them actually rebuild the damaged or destroyed church buildings. He's been meeting with leading ministers from the LA and MS area to check with them on churches that need the most help.

Some pastors are living in shelters or living with others’ homes. When an organization or individual “adopts” a church/pastor in need, the donation goes directly to the church they are partnered with and the pastor.

“Just as an example, we have spent $1,000 already on a pastor’s medical supplies and prescriptions,” Tommy says. “So money is what is needed right now to help them get started in recovery. After that there will be different needs and you will be working directly to help your church.”

He makes it clear that adopting a church/pastor is a long term commitment. “We want to form long term relationships so that your church can help them through this long and difficult road ahead,” he explains.

Tommy Tenney, along with his wife Jeanne, has been a world traveler for more than 30 years. An avid reader and relentless researcher, Tenney is a highly acclaimed inspirational speaker and bestselling non-fiction author with combined sales of over three million copies. His most recent work, Hadassah Covenant: A Queen’s Legacy, is available in bookstores now.

The Tenney’s and their family currently live in Louisiana.

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