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Jake Steinfeld
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Married to Tracey, four children

Fitness trainer to the stars – Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, George Lucas, Priscilla Presley, etc

Founder, FitTV - 30 million subscribers

Founder, Major League Lacrosse

Star of Big Brother Jake etc


Jake Steinfeld: From Street Smarts to Busines Savvy YOU CAN, TOO!
Jake’s business grew out of his early career as the first personal fitness trainer to Hollywood stars in the '80s. As a trusted fitness expert in LA, Jake motivated some very famous people. But working so closely with them, he saw them stripped of all the Hollywood glitz and pretense. No limos, no Rodeo Drive high fashion, no paparazzi. What he realized is that these people are just people. They weren’t born with a special success gene. “Thanks to my exposure to some of the keenest entrepreneurial minds in show business, I developed a greater vision for my life,” he says. The secret to their success is hard work, street smarts, and a don’t-quit attitude. Jake’s point is that everyone is pretty much the same underneath it all, and therefore business success is attainable to anyone willing to put in some dedicated effort. But Jake was pleasantly surprised when, as his business grew, he was invited to speak to business classes at several major colleges, including Stanford, Columbia, and New York University. “It dawned on me that even MBA professors realize that self-taught entrepreneurs have a unique perspective and special insights into the nitty-gritty of starting, running, growing, and surviving a business,” he says. At Stanford he and Warren Buffett were speaking down the hall from each other, and both packed them in!

Jake gives five reasons for seeking street smart success: 1) Make your Own Rules! The freedom to set your own schedule, 2) Stay Pumped Up! Entrepreneurs never get bored because if things get boring in one business, they start another. 3) Make a Mark! Economists often say that entreprenuers and business owners are the lifeblood of this country because you add jobs, pay taxes, provide products and services that generate more jobs, taxes, products, and services. 4) Get in the Game! As a business owner, you become a player in your community. People who start their own businesses are a vital part of the world’s economy. 5) Don’t Quit! There is no mandatory retiring age for enjoying your work.

You can have great goals and a wonderful concept for your business, but without a well-done business plan, you’re going nowhere fast. A good business plan serves as your map for starting, developing, and growing your business. Writing a business plan forces you to look at all aspects of the operation. Any flaws in your strategy or financial projections will show up here if you do your homework. Put together a successful team. If details aren’t your thing, hire a micro-manager. Get a “Go-To” person. People who you can go to for advice, and to get an unfiltered reality check. Jake’s Go-To was his grandmother Myra Duberstein who managed the Manhattan Beacb Hotel back in the day when celebrities visited there – Neil Sedaka, Neil Diamond, etc. She wanted Jake to see more of the world than Brooklyn, so she took him to Mets games & Forrest Hill tennis matches. “She was always very supportive of everything I did. Just like your Go-To Person should be for you,” he says. The opposite is also true- be there to support someone else.

Jake always looks for opportunities to grow and expand. As the founder of Major League LaCrosse, he constantly looks for new and strategic alliances, and over the years have teamed up with sponsors that include ESPN, Gatorade, Joe Boxer, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, Paramount, and Tommy Hilfilger.

In growing your business Jake says strategic partnerships are key. Jake says both sides have to benefit to make it work. One strategic alliance for Jake was meeting Tim Robertson which led to the production of his Big Brother Jake show on The Family Channel. Another key alliance was meeting with Tommy Hilfiger who agreed to support Major League LaCrosse. Tommy also even agreed to design new uniforms for the league!

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