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Ranked 4th in the World Masters Division

Former Mr. U.S.A., Mr. World, and Mr. Universe

Sports nutrition marketing consultant and professional trainer for GNC (General Nutrition Corporation), NASCAR, Solae Corporation, Physical Magazine and World Wrestling Entertainment

Fitness and nutrition articles in Physical Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Ironman, Men’s Health, etc.

Married for 22 years to Tracey, 3 children


Strong Abs, Flat Stomachs, and David Hawk FANTASTIC ABS
David believes that 80 percent of the battle to lose weight and shape your body is based on proper diet and nutrition with the remaining 20 percent based on resistance training and some type of cardio activity to burn the fat. He will be demonstrating the importance of resistance with regard to abdominal exercises. The exercises below will be demonstrated on his PowerBlock:

These exercises target the lower abs, serratus, and obliques. A mini workout that features the ab exercises demonstrated will be available on the website.

Dave was an athlete and started weight training at age 16. He began bodybuilding because it was challenging and an individual sport. In 1980, Hawk saw Arnold Schwazeneggar, then Mr. Universe, in fitness magazines and thought, “I could do that.” At age 17; competed in his first contest and won 2nd overall Teenage Mr. Pittsburgh. Dave said, after competing it gives you a sense of personal accomplishment and encouragement to continue.

The sport of Bodybuilding for Dave became a lift time passion. “It gives me a way to demonstrate my dedication to a healthy life style,” he says. What most people don’t understand is it’s a lifestyle and 80 percent of your gains are based upon your diet, so you must be scientific in your approach with daily nutrition to succeed. To be successful it takes years of hard training and dedication, learning how your body works and how to gain lean muscle and not fat. Dave says bodybuilding and the diet industry follow very close parallel paths. In both you must first set a goal, second, you normally have an exercise regiment and thirdly, and most importantly you must have the right nutritional program to achieve your results. Pat’s Weight Loss program and diet is very similar to what bodybuilders do, say Dave. It teaches you the fundamentals of eating the proper numbers of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats daily based on your body weight, body structure and exercise regiment.

Dave believes that too often individuals end of fighting their own body when trying to get positioned properly to do abdominal exercises. He recommends individuals use the high cable instead of doing repetitive crunches. The cable allows more versatility for fuller body movement and waist flexibility. This is especially important if you are significantly overweight. He will show the right way to get a leaner harder mid section by properly flexing and tightening the muscles of the abdominal area. When the abs are properly conditioned the fat around the wait is broken down and the abs become more visible. For individuals with a significant amount of belly fat, he suggests the torso twist which is looping your arms through a broom stick and twisting the torso from side to side. This simple exercise is helpful for beginners in shaping the core of their body.

Dave grew up in the church, and has believed in the Lord since very young. He believes the Lord has given each of us certain gifts in life to go out and share with others. Success becomes significant in relation to how you help others. His son David is 18 now and is competing, too. Dave says his family is the most valuable blessing in his life. One of the greatest gifts he has coming from his daughter Ashley is a new granddaughter (Meryn Olivia Zangaro) to be born in September this year.

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