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Daily Devotion - Experiencing God

Ever Been Mad At God?

No matter how much money you have, how secure your job, your health or your future - it can all evaporate in an instant. We witness injustice in many forms. It's at times like these that we might question God and wonder if He truly loves us. We may even get mad at Him.

Terry Meeuwsen: God Opens Doors Out of the Blue

Why do we let opportunity after opportunity pass us by, even though we feel a stirring of desire and a tug on our hearts to respond? What holds us back?

What Are Your Intentions?

Jesus demonstrated power over the weather, evil spirits, diseases and infirmities of all kinds, and even death. Yet most people refused to do what every demon Jesus ever encountered did—acknowledge him as the Holy One, the Son of God.

Take Heart for Christ

The secret to spiritual learning is not to read more, but to go deeper. Go deeper in your reading in order to go deeper with Christ.

El Shaddai

Delve into one of God’s names that speaks of His sufficiency, His enough-ness. Whenever we hear God speaking of Himself in the Bible as ‘God Almighty’ we are hearing the Hebrew name El Shaddai.

Susan Boyle: Judging God’s Way

Watching Susan Boyle reminded me of how often I have judged people by the package alone – looking at things from human eyes instead of asking God for His perspective.

Where Are You?

When life is difficult, we often ask, "God, where are you?" But have you ever thought God asks the same question, "Where are You?" when we go for days, weeks, or months without spending time alone with Him?

Seeking His Face

Every time I ventured out to feed my little herd of kitties, I’d get ambushed by a mob of bellowing hungry balls of fur. But as soon as I filled their dishes, they all forsook me. No more purring or rubbing up against my leg. No more clawing for my attention. I wonder sometimes, if that’s how God feels when we flock to church on Sundays.

God is Real No Matter How You Feel

If we make the mistake of allowing our feelings to go “unchecked” for any length of time, we soon discover that we are no longer in the driver’s seat -- they are!

Transformational Experiences

A God given experience is just an experience if we do not allow it to translate into a life transforming experience.

In the Dark

Have you ever wondered why it seems that the longer you remain in the dark, the clearer things become? It is awesome how God causes this to be so in the natural as well as in the spiritual.

Feeling Rejected?

Sooner or later in our lives, we each experience rejection. We likely will not escape life without going through this very difficult emotional experience.

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