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Changes: God's Opportunity to Bless

Some days we may be shouting, "Praise God!" while other times we may be crying out, "I need a miracle!" Whatever the day may bring, changes will come and we need to have a godly mindset in order to handle them.

Crayons on the Rug

Isn’t this a lot like our Heavenly Father? He points out how we can improve but never misses a chance to celebrate who we are in the moment along with the little changes that we make to become better, more rounded men and women. After all, He even promises that He has "drawn" us "with loving kindness" and "everlasting love." (Jeremiah 31:3)

What Should I Wear?

In times of heaviness and depression, we have to remember to wear praise like a designer jacket or a good pair of jeans. Christ’s job description in Isaiah tells us that heaviness, depression and times of emotional negativity are spirits that weigh us down. But praise for His infinite blessings and awesome nature wipes out negativity.

A Life Without Limits

God sets boundaries for our safety and well-being. He removes limits in spite of our scars and weaknesses. He gives us the ability to establish and thrive in healthy relationships.

I'm Running For My Life

Satan wants to destroy us. He wants to keep us discouraged and beaten down. But when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, then we are called to greatness. We have a job to do for God. We don't have time to be defeated.

Whispers of Rest

God, in all His majesty…rested. He set the pace for a good work ethic. Yet, even as He toiled to form every crevice and crinkle in the universe, He chose a day to rest. In all of God’s infinite wisdom, He earmarked a day, a time that we might follow in His example; seek His peace, take in His restoration and renewal.

The Buzz on Hair

We gave our 7-year-old son, Donny, his first "buzz" cut last night. He was a little apprehensive, but was thrilled with the feel of his cropped hair when it was over. I loved it when he said "God won't have to count so much now".

Cast Your Cares – Coin by Coin

Newsflash: You're not in control. You can't always keep your life perfectly balanced like you do your checkbook. You've got to turn it over to God. He's the only one who can keep you in perfect peace in a volatile world.

Favorite Colors

In this world we live in, the negative is spoken so often. As a child, I had heard that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. That statement is not true. In fact, words may not break our bones, but they certainly can damage our spirits.

The Key to Unlocking Your Hidden Treasure

Jesus told His disciples to "sell all" for a treasure in the heavens. It often requires some sacrifice of self whether it be material possessions, job, relationship, etc... Your soul will never find true satisfaction until it rests solely in the riches of Christ.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Thank you, Lord, that even though I get temporarily distracted by the hectic pace of this life, You are never too busy for me. And He’s never too busy for you.

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