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"How do Muslims view the 'Fall' of man?" -The story of what happened to Adam and Eve in the Garden occurs four times in the Qur'an 2:30-39; 7:10-27; 15:28-42; 20:115-127). Although many of the details are very similar to what we find in the Bible, there are significant differences as well. Most importantly, the view of man and his relationship with God which emerges from the Qur'anic interpretation of this event accounts for many of the significant differences between Islam and Christianity. The following comparison tells the story.


As a being created in God's image, man enjoys unbroken fellowship in God's presence
Before Adam's disobedience
As a created being, man's relationship with God is that of a slave; he has no fellowship with God.
Man is expelled from the Garden and from God's presence. He is plagued by death but is promised victory through "the seed of the woman."
The immediate result
Man must "go down" from the Garden, but he is forgiven and told he has nothing to fear if he will follow God's guidance.
Man's present state is abnormal. Separated from the life of God, man has fallen into a state of spiritual and moral corruption which brings him under God's wrath. He can enter heaven only if God intervenes
Interpretation of the result
Man's present state is normal. Created weak and inconstant, Adam simply forgot God's command and nothing changed. Man did not fall in the moral sense and hence he does not need salvation.
By accepting God's provision of salvation through Christ, man may now enjoy fellowship with God in measure, and after the resurrection perfect fellowship in God's presence in heaven
God's solution
If man will follow God's guidance and faithfully perform His prescriptions, he will again enjoy the Garden (heaven) at the resurrection.


Arab World Ministries (Source)


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