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The Quran Dilemma

CBN.comPurpose of the Book

This new in-depth study brings to English-speaking readers many of the critical arguments concerning Islam and its holiest book. It addresses whether the Quran is a book of terror or peace? And whether it is an inspired divine book or a mere political text?

The book weaves through Islamic history and its many classical commentaries and resources for the purpose of providing objective investigative research concerning the truth about Islam, in a time when such findings are becoming very crucial globally.

Although this book is suitable for all types of readers, it was done in a scholarly manner through the lenses of many qualified former Muslim researchers, scholars, writers, and specialists who are intimately familiar with this topic. This expert input added more value to the findings reported in this book, thus eliminating any undue bias, misunderstandings, or propaganda against Islam and its teachings.

The critical methodology used was inspired by the courageous tradition of those who dared to analyze the Qur’an throughout history, while still being able to incorporate the contemporary intellectual productions available in Arabic and foreign sources. The result is a book directed equally to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The Divisions of the Book

The book is considered Volume One of a two part book. It analyzes the first nine chapters of the Quran, from chapter 1 to chapter 9. The book is divided into three parts.

Part I deals with the overview of the book and how it can be used by the reader. This section also deals with various topics relating to these nine chapters by presenting the reader with a series of articles covering issues such as the compilation and chronological order of the Qur’an, women in Islam, and the treatment of Islam by people of other faiths.

Part II provides the reader with a systematic investigation and critical analysis of historical, factual, and linguistic difficulties that the text of the Qur’an presents to its reader. It also investigates the annulment of certain verses, even though such verses are still found in the text of the Qur’an. This investigation raises the concern and challenge faced by Muslims and non-Muslims concerning the effect of the commands found in these verses on todays’ social, political, and cultural environments.

Another section under this part addresses the problem of variant readings of certain words and verses in the multiple versions of the Qur’an known prior the collection of the current version, and variants that existed after this collection as well.

Finally, Part III provides the reader with valuable resources and additional information essential for their research and any future reference work utilizing this book. Such resources will aid readers in gaining more understanding of the many Islamic terminologies, references, historical Islamic events and well-known figures. All of this and many more features make this book a valuable resource and reference to readers, researchers, and scholars alike.

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Special Feature: Understanding Islam

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