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How Are You Reaching the ‘Baby Buster’ Generation?

PS Media Nashville, Tenn. (September)—Eight million twenty-somethings who were active church-goers as teenagers will no longer be actively involved in a church by age 30. That’s why Integrity Film & Video believes this is the perfect time to jolt their systems with a new study series that is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced in Sunday school… or church—but very much in sync with their lifestyles. For these eight million, Integrity Film & Video presents 8 Life Shaking Moments With Jesus (July; 000768-37030-8; $149.95)—a multi-media, discussion-driven study series that explores powerful, pivotal points in Christ’s life with freshness and clarity.

  1. The Baptism of Jesus: Are You Answering a Calling?
  2. Healing a Leper: What Do Miracles Mean in Life Today?
  3. Calming the Sea: How Do You Survive the Storms of Life?
  4. Feeding the 5,000: Can God Be Trusted to Provide?
  5. Betrayal at the Last Supper: Have You Gazed into the Face of Unfailing Love?
  6. Crucifixion: How Do You Respond to Christ’s Passion?
  7. Resurrection: Are You Living a New Life in Christ?
  8. The Great Commission: Are You a Messenger of Hope?

Through a licensing arrangement with the International Bible Society and Pathway Media, Inc., this study series presents the award-winning biblical epic film Matthew as a means of peering directly into the ministry of Jesus.

8 Life Shaking Moments With Jesus is guided by a quick-witted host (Scott Dente), and a cast of profound young thinkers (Craig Detweiler, K.P. Westmoreland, and Chris Williamson) that screen and review clips from Matthew before launching into the life-shaking impact that these events have upon our lives today. Their conversation is candid, humorous, and a little controversial as they explore Christ’s imperatives.

Each multi-media study kit includes:

4 DVDs with two 35-minute episodes on each
1 Leader’s/Director’s guide
30 Participant’s guides
1 set of director’s cue sheets
Bonus promotional kit with posters, postcards, promo DVD, and more…

Using film as a catalyst, each session challenges the cynicism and complacency of today’s young people, and confronts the wariness and weariness of “church” that has become all too common.

Ideal for Sunday school classes or small groups, 8 Life Shaking Moments With Jesus dares this media-savvy generation to think critically and creatively, to get to the heart of what they really believe, and to express those beliefs in a safe, open atmosphere.

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