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Narnia Character Profiles

By Hannah Goodwyn
Associate Producer Based on the Chronicles of Narnia series by British author C. S. Lewis, Disney and Walden Media are bringing the tale to life in the upcoming release of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The story begins with the four Pevensie children traveling to the country to escape the London bombings during World War II. While exploring Professor Kirke's old home, the children stumble onto a magic wardrobe that leads them to a world filled with dwarfs, fauns, talking beasts, and other creatures. The children also meet the cold, cruel ruler of Narnia, the White Witch, and conquering king of the beasts, Aslan.

Peter Pevensie

The oldest of the Pevenise children, Peter acts as a
father-figure towards his brother and two sisters. He is a serious character who often tries to instruct Edmund in behaving properly. Peter's courage and leadership is tested when he meets Aslan and fights against the White Witch's army.


Susan Pevensie

As the second oldest, Susan takes on the role of mother for her younger brother and sister. Her wisdom helps reaffirm Peter's decision to remain in Narnia and search for Mr. Tumnus. Susan is unlike her brothers and sister, Lucy, in that she is cautious and more likely to take the safer road than the more adventurous.


Edmund Pevensie

A complainer, Edmund constantly receives reprimands from his older brother, Peter. The jealously he holds against his siblings is fueled when the White Witch convinces him that she will make him a prince. His selfishness and desire to avenge his pride leads him to betray his brother and sister, a decision that causes him and many others pain.


Lucy Pevensie

The youngest of the four Pevensie children, Lucy is the first to open the wardrobe door and enter the magical world of Narnia. During her visit, she befriends Mr. Tumnus, a faun. Her loyalty is evident when she determines to rescue him from the White Witch. Lucy's strong belief in Aslan causes her to have a special bond with him.


Aslan, the Great Lion

Founder of Narnia, Aslan travels from kingdom to kingdom, and comes when there is a great need. His presence in Narnia interrupts the Witch Witch's power over the land. Aslan is a big and terrifying beast that also can be gentle, as he is with the four Pevensie children.


Jadis, the Witch Witch

The evil sorceress, the White Witch, reigns as queen over the land of Narnia. Her magic spell makes it so that the kingdom is covered in winter snow without the hope of the inhabitants ever seeing Christmas. Edmund becomes her slave when he gives into the temptation of eating her food and drinking from her cup.


*Information was gathered from the Official site of Disney's "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and Narnia Resources, a source for Narnia news and materials.

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