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End of the SpearSeeds of the Martyrs: The Real Life Story Behind 'End of the Spear'

The 700 Club travelled to the jungles of Ecudor to document the remarkable story behind the motion picture 'End of the Spear'.

End of the SpearThe Story is the Star of 'End of the Spear'

I think Steve Saint captured the essence of this debate best when he suggested it is not our place to alter what may be God’s plan to win a hardened gay activist and others like him to Christ.

End of the SpearEnd of the Spear: The True Story

Recently,'s Craig von Buseck interviewed Steve Saint and Mincaye, the man who killed his father. See how Mincaye learned to walk 'God's trail' from the 'foreigners' and how Steve was able to forgive those who took away his hero at such an early age.

Steve SaintSteve Saint: The Legacy of the Martyrs

In 1956, Steve was five years old when his father flew into the jungles of Equador and dared to make contact with the most dangerous tribe known to man...

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The Waodoni Tribe TodayThe Waodoni Tribe Today

Steve translated for Mincaye, “He said his heart was dark like night, but Jesus with his strong blood, and the Holy Spirit came and washed it. So, now it's as clear as the sky when it has no clouds in it."

The Filmmakeer Who Never Went to the Movies

The man inspired to make the new film End of the Spear—about five missionaries slain in Ecuador in the Fifties—never set foot in a movie theater until a few years ago.

Bill Ewing: Do You Dare to Make Contact?

The tribe faces the same things we face as a society. Fortunately, the killers all became believers but not everyone in the village has become a Christian.

Beyond the Gates of SplendorMart Green: Above and 'Beyond the Gates of Splendor'

If you asked Mart Green why God put him on this earth, he would answer with four words, "This Book Is Alive".

God in HollywoodChristians Are Giving Hollywood Answers

In recent years, some Christians have begun influencing Hollywood by getting involved in the process, at various levels, often working their way up.


Through Gates of Splendor -- The Story

In 1956, five American missionaries to Ecuador were brutally speared to death by a savage Stone Age tribe of Indians known as the Aucas. Two years later, the wife and sister of two of the murdered missionaries walked into the jungle to live with the same people who had murdered the men they loved. Today, the Aucas (now known as the Waodani) are a changed people. This is their story.

The Documentary

Beyond the Gates Web Site

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The Feature Film

Watch the Trailer

End of the Spear Web Site

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Ministry Resources

Dare to Make Contact Ministry Resources

Beyond the Gates: New Film Brings Important Story to a New Generation

Book: Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot

Book: Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot

The Journals of Jim Elliot

Book: A Path Through Suffering: Discovering the Relationship Between God's Mercy and Our Pain

By Steve Saint: The Great Omission: Fulfilling Christ's Commission is Possible If...

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