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INTERNET MINISTRY Spreads Love of God Online

Through the fast and convenient power of the Internet, is helping many people find the love of God.

Watching The 700 Club on her own computer is what thrills Valara Catalano. "I can go to the Internet and actually pull up various programs and see what I missed and basically watch what I want whenever I want," she says.

But is much more than a daily broadcast of The 700 Club.

"This has been a dramatic year for We have grown in some exciting ways," says's Ministries Director Craig von Buseck. "One of the strengths of is that we are able to bring up-to-the minute coverage of breaking events. One of the strongest examples of this was what happened on September 11. On that day we were able to update the news as it was happening."

The Community Center, which offers health tips, book offers like the 21-Day Habit, and teaching sheets helps make a powerful information resource.

"Forty years of ministry is online and available to the partners and others who are looking for information, inspiration, teaching and comfort," notes Craig.

And now, during CBN's "Bring it On" segments and exclusive interviews on CBNinteractive, viewers can send e-mail questions to The 700 Club -- live.

"So we have got synergy between our viewers, the Internet, and the television show," says Craig. "It's really exciting."

But the heart of is bringing the good news of Jesus to people like Debbie Burke. As a new believer and single mother of four, Debbie is glad to know there is a place to go anytime for biblical guidance.

"I am learning so much" Debbie says. "I log on to CBN and pull up a teaching sheet. I am just a baby in this. I am so new, and I am trying so hard to bring this love of Jesus and God into my home."

There are many others like Debbie, and is there with words of compassion and truth. For one man, the information he found on the Spiritual Life channel gave him the insight he needed to make a life-changing decision.

"He said that by the time he got to the bottom of the page, he was weeping and he realized he needed to come back to the Lord," says Craig.

Every month CBN receives 20,000 e-mails and each one is personally responded to within 24 hours. This helps people like Debbie experience the peace that God has for them.

"A lot of the change is not outward," she says. "People might not notice I am a different person, but inside I am less anxious and worry so much less. I don't fear like I used to."

Many others are finding the love of God. This year over 2,000 people e-mailed and dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ.

"It is because of the partners who give to support CBN that this type of ministry is taking place online and touching people that CBN, perhaps, has never touched before," says Craig.

Debbie believes in supporting CBN financially also. "I think it is important for people to give to CBN, because of all of the work they are doing. They are saving lives. You can't put a price on a life."

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