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Steve Scalici is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and Vice President of Treasure Coast Financial.  He is co-host of a daily radio show called “God’s Money” that can be heard at  You can contact Steve at or via telephone at 1-800-728-6342.  His Web site is


Steve Scalici Archive

Don't Do What I Did

After losing money to unwise investing, this financial planner shares lessons he learned so you won't make the same mistakes.

Guard Against Greed

When our wants become our needs, we have given into selfishness and what Steve Scalici calls 'lifestyle creep'. Learn how to balance your desire for riches by following the Apostle Paul's wisdom.

'Tis the Season to Control Overspending

Don't be enticed to spend too much on those Christmas gifts this year. Discipline yourself using these hints from a certified financial planner.

More Than Just Money

Giving provides long lasting joy. And what better time to do so than during the holidays?

Trapped by Two Incomes

Some say it's impossible to live on only one income, but this financial planner says it's doable if you follow these suggestions.

Christian Advice on Paying Your Taxes

While it may be hard to understand, the same moral and ethical guidelines that we follow in life apply to paying our taxes.

Love God, Not Riches

As long as we believe that money will bring us happiness, we will always be disappointed. When we love money, we learn it is an empty love.

Avoid the Money Trap

Do you desire bigger and better when you should be satisfied with what you’ve got? Take a lesson from Luke.

Don't Miss the Obvious

There are two basic principles you should learn about your money, and they are so simple, you might just overlook them.

The Power of Banking at Home

The basic idea is to stop making car payments to a bank downtown, and start to make them to a Bank You Own.

Labor Day: A Time to Reflect

As we celebrate Labor Day, we are reminded that work is good.

Teaching Your Children About Money

One of the best ways to teach young children about finances is through an allowance.

Rehydrate Your Finances

All we have to do is overspend, make a few bad investment decisions, etc. and our finances become dehydrated. 

Live and Learn

You have to learn from your mistakes.  Merely hearing or reading about the right thing may not help you. 

Two Yeses and One No

Keep in mind Maralyn’s rule of “two yeses or one no.”  It actually makes your decision making easier and it could even save your marriage.

The Donald Way Not the Best

Too many of us yearn to be an apprentice to people like Donald Trump. We should, in fact, be pursuing an apprenticeship with Jesus.


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