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As National Certified Career Counselors and Life Calling Coaches, Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck are recognized experts in helping people identify their giftedness and find their purpose in life.

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Advice from the Christian Career Center

Regret Free Living: Making Decisions Backwards

Here are some of our thoughts about how you can implement the important principles of regret free living today.

Writing Your Thank You Letter after an Interview

Taking the time to write a thank you letter or note right after your interview is essential. Here are some tips.

Find Your New Career in 2010

Are you ready to find a new career, but aren't sure where to start? Here are some tips.

What Not to Forget for Your Interview

While there are several types of questions that are helpful to ask during an interview, probably none is more important than one asking the interviewer to lay the cards on the table.

Being Prepared in an Uncertain Economy

Here are five steps for being prepared in case of job loss.

Can Career Testing Help You?

Can career testing really be helpful when you want to find work that fits your God-given design?

Self-Marketing and Christian Humility: Are They Compatible?

Is it OK for Christians to engage in self-promotion? Many Christians struggle with what is appropriate in marketing themselves in the world.

Is Now the Time to Find Your Calling?

During your journey of discovering and living your calling, God will be in the business of transforming you into the person you need to be to do the work He has designed you to do.

Are Your Gifts in a Drawer?

Have you been so busy working your whole life that you’ve never really taken time to think about what God has put you on this planet to do?

Networking Your Way to a Better Job

What is networking? Simply stated, networking is building mutually beneficial alliances, or connections, with other people.

Target Your Next Job

If you are laid off or think you might lose your job, here is your strategy for finding another job that fits your skill set.

Hope for Job Hunters

One important strategy to finding employment is cultivating a sense of hopefulness. Here's how to keep your faith in a tough job market.

Get Paid What You're Worth

The best time to negotiate a salary is right before you accept the job. Here is how to play your cards well in that window of time.

Trapped in the Comfort Zone

Don't let fear keep you stuck in a job that you have simply outgrown. Learn to fly in your God-given calling by following these tips.

A Calling, Not a Job

Do you feel trapped in a job that provides a paycheck—perhaps a large one—but little else?

Find a Job in Half the Time

Finding that awesome vocational opportunity quickly is a two-pronged process, according to this life calling coach couple.

God Guides, We Decide

What should I do with my life? And is it up to God or up to me to create that career path?

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