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iMOM: Online Help for Moms

CBN.comTAMPA, FL Family First, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing research, resources, and advice aimed at strengthening the family, announced recently that it is launching iMOM, a new motherhood program to complement the organization’s popular All Pro Dad program.  iMOM’s web presence began in August of 2007 at, with its local market iMOM Mornings events following in select cities in September.

Created by Family First Founder Mark Merrill and his wife, Susan, iMOM is designed for mothers of all ages and backgrounds who seek to build lasting, meaningful relationships with their children.  The program supports mothers on this journey by providing them with information, ideas, and encouragement to help nurture their children into becoming wise, healthy, purposeful, and relationally-focused.  iMOM offers a unique, multimedia approach to delivering key information and advice – from noted experts in a variety of specialties concerning childhood development and parenting – to mothers where and when they need it.

iMOM already is receiving support from notable moms, including Kathy Ireland – supermodel turned lifestyle designer – who is an official ambassador for the organization. Serving as Ambassadors with Kathy Ireland are Lauren Dungy, a mom and the wife of Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy, and acclaimed actress, vocalist, and mom, Mary Donnelly Haskell.

“Raising children is the most important job in the world,” said Ireland.  “I am often overwhelmed as a mom and looking for answers. At I can get trusted information from experts and ideas from experienced moms.” is full of ideas and advice shared through its spokeswomen and iMOM specialists.  The information is easily accessible, as it is arranged by age and topics that are current and change daily.

Additional program exclusives to iMOM include:

  • iMOM Espresso, a free daily email that also can be accessed via, is a quick shot of parenting advice delivered Monday through Friday encouraging mothers to focus on one of the many facets of being a mom each day.  The iMOM Espresso will include a call to action that will help the mother build her parenting skills.
  • iMOM Drive-Time CDs are parenting tools designed for the busy mother who is often in the car.   Each CD covers a parenting topic, and each topic is broken down into five to 10-minute segments that can be listened to while carpooling, running errands, or going to work.
  • Pillow Talk and Pillow Talk Tonight are for the mother who desires to pursue the heart of her child and develop a close and trusting relationship.  Pillow Talk is a creative journal that leads a mother through the process of opening lines of communication with her child.  The journal is interactive and used by both the mother and the child, with the suggestion of trading the journal back and forth by leaving it on the other’s pillow before bed.  Pillow Talk Tonight provides additional communication topics and is offered through a free daily email or accessed on

Beginning in September, iMOM will leverage its 17 years of experience gained from Family First and All Pro Dad by bringing its signature iMOM Mornings events to neighborhoods around the U.S.  iMOM Mornings are school-based breakfasts designed to bring mothers and children together for support and inspiration.  Meetings may incorporate a live speaker, a relevant topic, questions for group discussion, and practice skills to take home.

“As a mother to five children, I know firsthand that being a mom is a round-the-clock job, and you are pulled in more directions than you can count every minute of every day,” said Susan Merrill, program director.  “I want to be the best mom I can, and I know that takes research and time – time I don’t always have.”  Merrill continued, “iMOM was created to do the research for moms so that we don’t lose a minute of time with our children.”

iMOM is the motherhood initiative of Family First, a national non-profit organization based in Tampa, Fla.  The mission of Family First is to strengthen the family by establishing family as a top priority in people's lives and by promoting principles for building marriages and raising children.  iMOM supports this overall goal by providing mothers information and encouragement where they need it and when they need it through various delivery channels such as and iMOM Mornings.  Please visit or for more information.

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