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Monica and Tess from Touched by an Angel

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Touched by an Angel: The Inspirational Collections

By Hannah Goodwyn Producer
It’s been about 10 years since Touched by an Angel graced televisions across the country with inspiring stories, encouraging faithful fans that God loves them. This CBS award-winning TV show featured the adventures of three angels and the Good News they brought to the small screen each week. There really is nothing else like it on television today, nor has anything ever come close.

Teeming with God-filled and family-friendly messages, each episode examined how the angels interacted with a very real crisis. Monica (Roma Downey), along with her fellow angels Tess (Della Resse) and Andrew (John Dye), appeared to the hurting and lost of our world to remind them that they are not forgotten by God. Every show illustrated the deep love the Lord has for His created people, offering hope to those who witnessed the miracles unfold.

Now, Touched by an Angel fans can relive the edifying stories through Inspirational Collections from Paramount. Each DVD features four shows that encompass two special themes: Hope and Holiday.

Offering Hope to the Hopeless

Every episode of Touched by an Angel was filled with a hopeful message. However, the four shows on the Hope DVD are standouts, embodying the true meaning of hope in God and how it radically changes a person, a family, and even a town.

Of the four episodes, the most powerful is a show titled "Psalm 151", which first aired in 1998. Guest starring Céline Dion and Wynonna Judd, "Psalm 151" tells the story of a single mom and her terminally ill son, Petey. God sends Monica to help him complete a list of things he wants finished before the Angel of Death, Andrew, takes him home to Heaven. It's heart-gripping and full of hope as Petey's mother (played by Wynonna Judd) realizes that God has not turned His back to her.

Valerie Bertinelli, Rosa Parks, John Ritter, and Morgan Fairchild also guest star in the selected Hope episodes ("Netherlands", "Black Like Monica", and "My Dinner with Andrew").

Miracles at Christmas

Just in time for the holiday season, the four holiday classics ("Fear Not," "The Feather", "An Angel on the Roof", and "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear") from Touched by an Angel will warm your soul. With guest stars, including Country music star Randy Travis, these Christmas fables point to God as the true reason for celebration.

Each of the four episodes bring the Christmas cheer home, but the most memorable -- and perhaps the most popular -- is "Fear Not," the series' first Christmas show. "Fear Not" shines a light on the miracles God performs among us. "Sweet and simple" Joey loves going to church, and cannot wait until he can see his best friend, Serena, fly like an angel at the Christmas pageant. That is until he realizes that the play is at night. Ever since his parents died, Joey stays at home after dark. His older brother Wayne (played by Randy Travis) takes care of him, but doesn't have time for church. Then, a miracle at the play pushes him to re-examine his own faith, and see his brother as "a blessing, instead of a burden".

A special feature on these DVDs is the introductions executive producer and head writer Martha Williamson shares before each episode. She offers on-the-set stories about how each show came together and how they not only touched the lives of audiences, but of cast and crew members' lives as well.

If you’re a fan of the show or just enjoy watching quality, faith-filled shows, then these Touched by an Angel classics are a good gift to give your home this Christmas.

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Hannah GoodwynHannah Goodwyn remembers watching some of these classic episodes when they first aired, including the incredibly popular Christmas episode, "Fear Not".

Hannah is's Family and Entertainment producer. For more articles and information, visit Hannah's bio page.

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