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Fantasy: Is it Good for Kids?

By Erin James
Contributing Writer, Blogger - The characters in fantasy stories are not nearly as strange or offensive as the darkness that exists in reality.  And it’s important to show children the reality of the spiritual battle that goes on in our lives.  Reading biblically based stories that exemplify this, such as The Chronicles of Narnia series, is a good way to teach this lesson without making them fearful. 

Seeing a battle between good and evil in fantasy stories can prepare them for the real battle that is constantly waging.  These stories can be an instrument for parents can use to teach their children about God and morality.

It’s important to clarify the lesson to your child.  When I teach my oldest daughter about Aslan, I also tell her about Christ.  Just as Aslan is with the children in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, God is always with her.

Understanding how evil touches us in life is crucial.  I talk with my daughter about how she can stand firm in her beliefs and how each day brings a new ‘story’ to add to her own journey with God.

Fantasy is an educator by innovative measure. Children absorb stories such as The Chronicles of Narnia, and they retain the messages that are truly Christ-inspired.  It is important for us as parents to gage the message of a fantasy story before we allow our child to watch or read it.  Not all fantasy is the same.

If a story is not edifying to God, it may fill their heads with more fear and leave them spiritually confused.  Remember as they watch movies that a battle is a battle.  And that violence, although educational in a spiritual manner, may still be freighting.

Sharing these stories with your children, when they are of the right age, is a great way parents can explain their love for Christ.  Narnia is an example of many different aspects of God's Kingdom and His ultimate plan.

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Erin JamesErin James is the author of the blog, "Mommy and the Joyful Three". She also writes for A mother of three, her passion is to help moms and dads become positive parents.

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