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Newsboys Happy to Play Part in God's Not Dead Succcess

Longtime Newsboys drummer, Duncan Phillips, believes God's Not Dead will inspire movie goers to explore what they really believe about God and just as importantly, will serve as a conversation starter about a knowing faith in Christ.


How to Defend Your Family against Digital Invasion

In their latest book, The Digital Invasion: How Technology Is Shaping You and Your Relationships, Drs. Archibald Hart and Sylvia Hart-Frejd offer therapeutic and biblical strategies for handling digital addiction phenomenon.


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Everything You Need is in the Bag

My philosophy on dieting has always been simple. I didn't. Instead, I always made it a point to enjoy a good sandwich and I always super sized whenever the mood struck. Recently, that changed.


Jeremy LinA Faithful Servant at Heart of LINSANITY

Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin's trajectory into the NBA's elite is the subject of a new film, LINSANITY to be released simultaneously in theaters and VOD (video on demand).

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Does God Use Lasers to Fight Satan?

Dr. Alex McFarland emphatically believes that the best way to build a strong, biblical foundation for the future begins with those who are just learning to tie their shoes. 


AJ Michalka, Grace UnpluggedGrace Unplugged: Finding God When We Least Expect It

Actress AJ Michalka talks God, grace, and how the movie Grace Unplugged changed her life -- on screen and off.

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