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Uprooting Anger: Destroying the Monster Within Uprooting Anger

By Kay Camenisch



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Buoyancy PR
News Release - STANFORD, Ky. – Feb. 12, 2014 – The theme is everywhere: win her over with jewelry, chocolates, a romantic dinner – or all three. Showing love is a good idea in any relationship, but if there are problems, the most romantic thing some couples can do is honestly admit a problem that cripples many relationships.

The problem? Anger.

While glossed over by many, author Kay Camenisch says the problem of anger destroys relationships, families—and lives.

And while it seems Christians now speak openly of problems like sexual sins, substance abuse or domestic violence, and although the Bible is clear, no one seems to be speaking about the subject of anger.

No one, that is, except Camenisch.

After years of personal study, as well as more than 30 years in ministry and counseling with families, Camenisch developed a study and wrote the just-released book Uprooting Anger: Destroying the Monster Within.

So while it may seem a little less than romantic, buying two copies of a book for both to study might be the most truly loving thing a husband or wife can do this Valentine's Day.

"I began this study as I sought answers for families whom we were counseling," Camenisch explained. "I was devastated as I saw great destruction in numerous Christian homes – destruction caused by anger."

Uprooting Anger draws on Scripture to help believers recognize and confront anger. Many Christians know anger isn't sin, but can lead to sin, triggering problems that tear apart marriages and families, contribute to addictions and keep us from forgiving others.

"Anger is rampant," Camenisch said. "Like a monster, it is destroying individuals, families and churches. Unresolved anger breeds more anger and often leads to violence and destruction.

"Many are terrorized by it. Others are in bondage to it. The harder you try to control it, the more often it erupts."

The Uprooting Anger study gently urges believers to consider God's rich instructions and promises about living without anger. It guides without inducing guilt or shame as it offers one of God's greatest gifts – freedom.

Successful life changes as a result of the studies are repeatedly reported. One study leader at a prison in Florida said, "Through this study, I see men change as they are freed from their bondage to anger. I'm grateful for the chance to see God at work as He transforms lives and gives hope to the hopeless."

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