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God Has an App for That: An Interview with Dudley Rutherford

By Lakesha Gadson Producer - Mega-church pastor Dudley Rutherford serves a 10,000 member congregation in Los Angeles, Calif., and is a featured chapel speaker for major sports teams (MLB: Royals and Cardinals, NFL: Raiders and Steelers). But, he’s also an author of five books, including his latest release, God Has an App for That.

Recently, Dudley Rutherford spoke with about his new book. Here are excerpts from that conversation:

How did you come up with the title, God Has an App for That?

I’m a techie. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. All of it. I kept hearing over and over this phrase, “There’s an app for that.” Twenty-five billion apps have been downloaded by people. These apps are supposed to make our lives easier, better and more efficient. Yet, we’ve become busier. Our lives have become more hectic, more stressful.

If you’re trying to find something that’s going to make your life better, you need to try God. He has an app for whatever situation you’re going through. My purpose was to come up with a title that would be catchy, just to pique people’s interest. The title rings true with people. My prayer is that after they read it, their conclusion would be, ‘Hey, God’s Word is filled with information and wisdom that I need for my life.’

What do you mean by God is “overhauling our lives”?

I tell a story about a television show called Overhaulin’. The show is about taking an old beat-up car that someone’s storing in a garage, and they actually steal the car. They take the car, rebuild and remodel it. In the meantime, the people whose car is missing begin to unravel. They explode. They curse. They yell. They complain. Seven days later, the car is returned. It’s better than it was when it was first built. The same person that was yelling is now excited.

I think this is what happens in our lives. Things happen to us that are very stressful. We’ve learned from James 1 that when we go through trials and difficult times and tribulations, God is actually developing perseverance. And perseverance must finish its course so that we will be mature, complete, not lacking in anything. What appears to us to be bad is actually good. God is actually overhauling our lives, so to speak. But, we have to go through some difficult times in order for that to take place.

Have you come across an app on taming the tongue?

Chapter five of the book is “God Has an App to Help Curb Your Profanity.” We’re living in a culture that is becoming ruder. I can’t go to a ballgame, restaurant or movie without hearing people swear. Cursing is like second-hand smoke. I don’t smoke, but I can actually die from the person next to me smoking. Even though I don’t curse, when people curse, it goes into my ears, mind and heart. My life is affected just by being around other people who are cursing.

The chapter on profanity talks about how the tongue is powerful. It could be gossip. It could be slandering. It could be having a critical spirit. It could be backstabbing a coworker. But the tongue is either used, as the Bible says, to either curse men or to praise God. Whatever comes in our ears, mind and eyes flows into our heart and then comes out of our mouths.

We’ve all read of Paul’s distress in Romans 7:19 where he states, “For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want.” What advice can you give to the believer who has fallen into temptation?

One of the most important things in understanding the purpose of this book is for people to reach the conclusion that they need to be reading the Bible. The only thing that can purify your heart and mind is reading the Word of God, whether or not you retain it. This will give you ultimate victory over temptation.

The Bible says that none of us are tempted beyond what we’re able to overcome or to endure. When Jesus was tempted, He quoted Scripture. The reason we’re so vulnerable and give in so quickly to temptation is because we don’t have that inner strength, wisdom and knowledge with the Word of God. I believe one of the most critical things we can do to overcome temptation is to develop that inner man by reading the Word of God.

What is the biggest takeaway you hope people will get after reading the book?

People are downloading all these apps, so they’re obviously looking for things to make their life better. Some people are trusting in astrology. Some people listen to Dr. Phil as though he were one of the 12 disciples. Some people are following Scientology. Some people are trying other pleasures such as drugs, sex and alcohol to fulfill that inner need.

What I’m hoping is that they hear the title of the book God Has an App for That, and they pick up the book. It’s actually a study through the Book of James, which of the 66 books in the Bible is the most practical. It’s the most app-like if you read through it. It’s easy to understand. It is applicable to your life.

People around the world have tried everything and are still dissatisfied. There’s still that longing in their heart. My prayer is after their reading this book, His light bulb comes on and a bell begins to read, ding, ding, ding, ding, that says, ‘Hey, you know what? I’ve tried astrology. I’ve tried drugs. I’ve tried an immoral relationship. Nothing seems to satisfy, but the Bible, the Word of God is filled with information and knowledge that will help me no matter what situation I’m in. And I need to start reading the Bible every single day.’

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