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Between the Liner Notes

Ricky Skaggs: Hearing God's Call

By Will Dawson and Scott Ross
The 700 Club

CBN.comHe’s a veteran musician. At just 53 years old, Ricky Skaggs has been pickin’ and grinnin’ since the age of 7.

His acclaim has grown over the years along with his trophy case. This 12-time Grammy winner is affectionately known by his peers as the official ambassador of bluegrass music. He’s also known by another name.

Scott Ross: You have a reputation too of working with musicians as being … now don’t be offended, I read this … about being ‘Picky Ricky.’ And that’s not just this kind of picking. But you’re a perfectionist in many ways, aren’t you?

Ricky Skaggs: Absolutely, I am! We should give the Lord the excellence He deserves in everything we do.

Ross: OK…

Skaggs: Do excellent work for Christ. So that’s my heart. It’s always been. And I want to be the best I can be. I want to make a difference in my generation.

Ross [reporting]: Ricky left mainstream country music in 1997, to follow what he believes is God’s plan for his career. Eight consecutive Grammy nominations later, he’ll tell you he’s been blessed.

Ross: You said, “I don’t want to be in bondage to that stuff any more.” And you broke out of it, started your own label and done your own thing.

Skaggs: I still think that God wants to bless the thing that blesses His son. So when I started this label it’s like the flood gates opened up. And we’re seeing God’s favor.

Ross [reporting]: Recently Ricky’s heart has been moved by an upcoming event. It’s called simply, The Call. It’s set to take place in Nashville, Tennessee, on July 7, 2007. Co-founded by Lou Engle, The Call is a nationwide movement of young men and women gathered together to fast and pray for our country and revival.

Skaggs: My heart is to father this next move because what I saw in 1967 there were no fathers in it. The church looked at the Jesus movement that happened with these hippies. These kids that were into sex, into drugs, into rebellion and the Lord poured out his spirit upon them and they were radically saved, radically changed. Like that! And that’s how the Lord does it. He can do a complete work just like that. He can erase 40 years of what the devil has done. Just like that.

Ross: Do you see that for this generation?

Skaggs: They get it. They see it. They want that for their generation. They don’t want to see the sins of the last 40 years transferred to them for the next 40 years.

Ross [reporting]: The event is expected to draw thousands from around the country, including Ricky Skaggs who believes God will hear their prayers on this significant date.

Skaggs: You know it says the Kingdom of God is taken by force. And you’ve got to press in. We’re so excited about it we can’t hardly stand it and I just think it will be an awesome time in the Lord.

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