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Lane Wood: On a 'One-Way' Road to Healing

By Barbara Cornick
The 700 Club

CBN.comLane Wood has loved music since he was barely able to walk. His love for music and his love for Jesus came together in the Christian rock band he co-founded called One Way.

Within three years the band recorded several CDs and opened for national recording artists NewSong and MercyMe.

Things were going great for Lane until a foggy day in March 2003.

“He was pulling out of the end of the road past our development and made a left turn,” his mother Cindi recalls. “That morning it was kinda foggy, and the window was fogged up. He didn't see the car approaching. It hit his blind spot.”

David OzmoreNeighbor David Ozmore was just around the corner and heard the collision.

He says, “I heard a loud bang, looked to my right and saw Lane's car drifting off of Oak Grove Road through the grass over towards the woods. So I knew something terrible had happened.”

David called Lane's father, Larry, and told him Lane had been in an accident.

“When I got to the scene, Lane's car was sitting over near some trees, and I could see the side was bashed in pretty badly,” Larry says.

The ambulance rushed lane to Cleveland Regional Medical Center in Shelby, North Carolina. Larry and Cindi were relieved by the doctor's initial report.

Cindi says, “The doctor came in, and said that he seems to be doing OK. He's stable... The next thing I remember about the doctor was him flying into the room and screaming that he was hemorrhaging. ‘We've got to get him out of here. We've got to airlift him.’”

Without warning, Lane was in a life or death situation. Dr. Kevin O'Dell was on duty that day.

“Subdural hematoma, which is the venous bleeding in the brain, is a definite life threat,” he says. “He had some shift, which means in addition to bleeding there was enough bleeding and swelling that it was actually shifting the brain tissue.”

LarryWhen it looked like Lane might not survive, Cindi, Larry and Lane's brother Brandon did what they'd always done in good or bad situations -- they trusted God.

“It was a calm sense of the presence of the Lord that things were OK,” Cindi says. “Not necessarily that Lane was going to be OK but that God was saying, ‘I am here, and things will be OK.’”

Larry adds, “That was the source of comfort. We knew it was in His hands.”

God was moving on Lane's behalf through the prayers of thousands of people. Justin Roper, Lane's longtime friend, college roommate and the drummer for One Way, got as many people praying for Lane as he possibly could.

“I remember just getting on my cell phone and calling everybody that I knew,” says Justin. “Prayer chains started up crazy. Lane didn't know all this was going on, but prayer chains started up all over the nation.”

Within hours Lane's condition started to improve.

“The doctor did come out to report to us that at that point that the hemorrhaging had stopped,” says Cindi. “Before he could even get beyond that, we just grabbed each other and began thanking the Lord.”

JustinBut there was more bad news…

“There were problems during the transport,” Cindi says. “He'd aspirated, and they could not turn him. The lungs were very damaged.”

Justin says, “He had the tubes down his throat; he had tubes everywhere. Lying on his back, it just didn't seem right to see. 'Cause the last time I saw him, we had a concert five days before. We were up there sharing the gospel and rockin' for the Lord.”

Yet once again Lane's condition miraculously changed. In hours his lungs were completely clear. It was as if nothing had ever been wrong with them.

“It was very evident by then that God was rushing to answer prayers,” Cindi says.

“They started it up and prayed for a specific area, part of my body and right after that it was healed,” says Larry, “just almost instantly, just amazing.”

The last obstacles to Lane's full recovery were multiple fractures in his pelvis from the impact of the crash. His doctor thought he'd need months of therapy, and possibly surgery, before he'd be able to walk again. Once more, the prognosis was a little premature.

David OzmoreCindi continues, “This was the third day. By the end of the day Lane had taken four steps. Again we were all rallying around. Just ‘thank you, Lord. Thank you so much, we just can't believe what You're doing.’”

Lane recalls, “I was in the hospital for only three days. I was moved out of ICU the second day and allowed to come home then. They were expecting for me to be in there months.

“The coming home was very exciting,” Cindi says, “particularly when three days earlier, we didn't know when that would happen or possibly that it might not happen.

Dr. O’Dell concurs, “It's a miracle. We're very excited that he's doing so well.”

Now Lane's back at college and back on the road with the band. Always a strong Christian, Lane's faith has grown even deeper.

“He definitely came back with more of a passion,” says Justin, “and it's just evident in our concerts and in his daily life.”

“My walk has grown so much through this,” says Lane. “I just have an even a deeper faith in the Lord now just for knowing that He's got everything under control. He's got a plan beyond what we can see.

Lane Wood“God gave me an obligation and a calling to share about this everywhere we go. God has just brought so many people to Him. There have been many first-time commitments, salvations left and right. It's just so amazing and humbling to be a part of that.”


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