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Adult Contemporary

Jaci Velasquez

A'postrophe Records There are many ways to describe Jaci Velasquez. She is a confident woman who stands strong on her talent in the entertainment business and has fought through many obstacles of being a successful individual facing challenges in her professional and personal life. Through it all, however, she has remained influential in all she does. All of the experience has now brought her to a new album that not only is taking her on a new journey artistically, but also personally. Appropriately titled Beauty Has Grace, the album represents a true representation of where Jaci Velasquez is today.

It all began three years ago when Jaci began listening to pop/folk styles of Leona Ness and Shea Seger. After much searching, she realized that it was time to branch into a world of music that she held dear to her heart. Taking the step of faith, she flew to London, England and met with British producer Martin Terefe (Coldplay, Ron Sexsmith) and asked him to produce her new album. Jaci says, "When I first met Martin, he was surprised that I would be interested in having him involved, but anxiously agreed." One of the goals in having his involvement was to make an album that would reach her original fans, but also would broaden her career to new fans that would not normally affiliate her with the Brit pop/rock sound. Jaci states, "My hope in recording an album in this style is that it would help open people's minds to the diversity of music."

Not only did Terefe produce the album, but he also co-wrote several of the songs with Jaci. This was another original fact to Beauty Has Grace as Jaci has not in the past taken on the songwriting aspect of her albums. "I wanted to add to the album my personal creativity and feelings," Jaci says. "It has always been important in my career that people get to see a bit of what I really am, and songwriting is something that I feel gives people a glimpse." The dedication to this goal was accomplished and the album was written and recorded in four short months in a studio in England called Kennsington Sessions.

Several of the songs that Velasquez (lyrics and melodies) and Terefe (music) wrote together include "Reason To Believe"—a song describing our need to find something bigger than ourselves to believe. Jaci adds, "This world is a very confusing place at times for all of us, we just need to look up and see the light"; "Supernatural" reminding us that the God we serve is a supernatural being that we can't fully grasp, but spend our days longing to see; and "Prayer to Love" which defines love. "Everyone is searching for love but the only perfect love is with God," states Jaci.

Another collaborator on the album is Birmingham, England native Michael Clark who co-wrote with Jaci the first track on the album, "I'm Not Looking Down," and sang with her on the pop/rock worship song "Tonight," which explains the desire to live in a world free from chains and escaping daily into God's presence.

After ten years in the business, her successes are many, including nine albums—both English and Spanish—and more than 3 million albums sold. She has claimed the No. 1 spot at radio for 16 of her singles as well as numerous awards in both the Christian and general market. Her maturity, drive, and talent over the last ten years has brought her to the forefront of the entertainment world and poised her for the success she deserves. This album has a bit of the old school Jaci feel, but it also has a "new" Jaci feel. A feel that Jaci hopes will translate the true meaning of what life is about … Love. Velasquez is a person who has been blessed to carry a destiny for humble greatness—she is stunning, poised, and kind. Her beauty has grace.

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