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CBN.comVoices are everywhere; they’re all around us offering perspective. There are the voices that insist we’re not good enough no matter how hard we try. Others remind us again and again of past failures. Despite the chaos and confusion that comes with everyday life, there’s only one voice that really matters: God’s. His voice is unlike any other, one of encouragement, hope and love – a voice from home.

It’s that reassuring message, the words that God sings over His children through the scriptures in a world full of fear and self doubt, that fuels the songs on FFH’s sixth studio project, Voice From Home. “These are God’s words to you,” FFH vocalist Jennifer Deibler says.

With seven No. 1 radio singles to their credit and an additional seven Dove Award nominations, FFH stepped away from their usual worship style and took inspiration from pastor and author, Rich Stevenson. Through his relationship as a mentor to frontman Jeromy Deibler and road pastor to the close-knit band, Stevenson shared with FFH the concept of his 2006 book Voice From Home.

“‘Voice From Home’ the book centers around the three times that God the Father spoke audibly to His Son, Jesus,” Stevenson explains. “I realized that at crucial points in Christ's ministry the Father spoke words that made all the difference in the world.”

He adds, “At Christ's baptism, the Father established Christ's identity as the beloved son. In Luke 9, the Father challenged His Son with His life consuming purpose. And in John 12, while Christ was anticipating the agony of His crucifixion, the Father promised that He would glorify His name through Him. These are the same words God is saying to all of His children.”

The record enhances that message with songs based in the heart of God through scripture. The album’s first track, “The Only Hand You Need,” has God asking His child, “Why do you keep on holding on to everything but me?” “It’s kind of the spine of the album,” Jeromy says of the song. “The rest of the album begins to weave in God bringing us back to him.”

The up-beat pop track “Well Pleased” was taken straight from scripture when God spoke the same words to His Son Jesus. The piano-driven ballad “Grand Canyon” uses the imagery of God reaching across the vast Grand Canyon for His child to express how passionately God desires a relationship with each of His children.

“All of this stuff we’re saying has been written in scripture, we’re just trying to say it a different way and personalize it because we feel like God spoke that to us,” guitarist Michael Boggs says.

FFH penned songs for the album with the motivation that God still speaks, there is a voice we all long to hear, and these are His words. The band also deliberately chose to write in common everyday language, staying away from words only used in the church, to make the album more accessible to listeners.

Lyrics float along a sound that is more uniquely FFH than previous albums as the band took production into their own hands for the first time. The result is an exciting pop sound laden with signature piano and guitars reminiscent of everything listeners loved from pervious albums matched with a modern production only the members themselves could have envisioned.

After 10 years of touring, recording, leading a weekly worship service at their home church and watching their young families grow, members of FFH are still passionate about spreading the message of Jesus. “I love what we do, even after all this time,” bassist Brian Smith says. “Telling people about Jesus is really the highlight of what we do and what inspires me. Part of that is the new project [Voice From Home] has probably ministered to me personally more than any other album.”

Jennifer echoes that saying, “There are times when I’m singing one of the songs from this album and I realize that I really needed to hear God say those words to me today.”

“This is an album for those who can’t let go, those with issues of trust,” Jeromy comments. “It’s for those who don’t think they’re worth it, for people who’ve gone through having divorced parents like I did. This album reminds people that God still speaks to us, the Church, today—He hasn’t stopped.”

Encouragement, love, grace, hope, purpose; what you’ve always longed to hear from your Heavenly Father; these are God’s words to you.

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