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The Scott Ross Interview (Part 2)

Scott Ross talks with Craig von Buseck about Pat Robertson and the early days of CBN.

The Scott Ross Interview (Part 1)




Ross Rants and Raves


August 29, 2007

Part Two of the Scott Ross Interview and Ron Block

Hello all,

Thanks for the response to last week's audio/video timeline on my life journey to date. This is part 2 of the five part series. Watch the video.

My appreciation again to Jason Sonvico for his editing, and where he found some of this archival material, both audio and video, makes him a miner of real gold! Thanks also to Craig von Buseck for drawing me out in the interview; I know how sometimes asking the right question is a challenge.  

As I view and listen to the recounting of this personal history, it is good to be reminded of the roots from whence we came, both individually and collectively.

This segment is shorter but the events described from the racism of the period and the stand that Pat Robertson took just so I could work for him makes me appreciate the price that often has to be paid just so we can follow. But the payoff as described here is always worth it!

Thanks for your comments.

The Scott Ross Interview (Part 2)

The limited edition hardcover book of Scott Free which chronicles the journey. In the meantime...

Their sound is known to music lovers all over the world.  And for the past 15 years, the members of Alison Krauss and Union Station have looked to Ron Block as the spiritual touchstone of their tightly knit band. 

Ron contributes sterling musicianship on banjo, guitar and vocals as well as a spiritual maturity rare in music’s mainstream.  Ron says that it wasn’t always that way. In his own words he was “angry, bitter, and resentful.”  He says he was “surprised the band didn’t tell me to shove off.”

However, Ron now understands that he has been called to play with Alison Krauss and Union Station and also create his own musical message. 

How he got to where he was to where he is in my interview tomorrow on The 700 Club.


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