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Pat's Perspective on The Greatest Commandment

By Pat Robertson
The 700 Club

The Bible tells us the greatest commandment is to love God. But what does it mean to truly love God and how can we accomplish such a high calling?

There are three parts to the great commandment. The first part is: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart." The real you, the deepest part of your being, should love God. The next part of the commandment is, "with all your soul, with all your mind." This includes your ego--the mental processes that focus toward mankind, yet are in touch with your spirit. And then, the third part is to love God "with all your strength." That has to do with your body. Your physical being must reflect your love of God too (Mark 12:30).

In summary, a person must dedicate the totality of his being to a self-giving love for God. Every aspect of his nature must focus on loving God. To illustrate, a person would break the great commandment if his spirit was partially centered on making money to the exclusion of God; or his mind was centered on high fashion, pride, or revenue; or his body was centered on gluttony, alcohol, or nicotine. God demands every bit of all of us!

This is why no human being can satisfy the demands of God merely by going to church or observing external religious ceremonies. No one can say, "I am a good person." In fact, keeping God's commandments is impossible unless you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ fulfilled the great commandment perfectly, and He is the only human being ever to do so. Through His blood and His Spirit within us, we can live in a way that pleases God. On our own it is impossible.

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